I have been collecting webcams for a few years and always thought it would be cool to have a blog such as this. I will try to be around here more to update some new cams as I find them. Enjoy! and Feel FREE to click on my sponsors advertisements to support this cause! Have a nice day where ever you are. April 2013 BEST ADVISE> Be Patient. The Webcams sometimes take a while to load. Or sometimes a camera is just down. When in doubt shut down any other browser pages and/or reload the page. Having Troubles seeing the Cameras? Best viewed on High Speed Internet with either of the following Web Browsers: Firefox - Download or Google Chrome - Download

Haunted Houses Live Stream Webcams

Hexham, Northumberland, UK (Haunted House)
Beaumont Street over-looking Hexham Abbey Grounds

The Knickerbocker Hotel - Linesville, Pennsylvania USA
Built in 1882 it is common to get photographic anomalies and EVPs upon visits to The Knickerbocker. EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon are voices discovered on audio recordings. view all cams